Lots Of High School Choices In The New York City

Lots Of High School Choices In The New York City Schools

Looking For A High School For Your Child That Concentrates On Preparing For Higher Academics? The New York City Schools Have Five Such High Schools.

If You Have A Child Now In Elementary Or Middle School, Live Or Plan To Live In New York City, And You Would Like To See Your Child Excel In High School And College, Begin Planning Now For His Or Her Enrollment In One Of Five Specialized New York City Schools.

Three Of These New York City Schools Have Been Around For The Better Part Of The Last Century. They Are Peter Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School Of Science, And Brooklyn Technical. They Also Are The Most Sought-after Schools Within The New York City Schools System.

To Enroll Your Child, A New York City Schools Exam Is Given In December Of The School Year Prior To Attending. The Special Exam Concentrates On Mathematics And Reading Comprehension. Exam Results Are Received The Following February. If You Wish Your Child To Take The Rigorous New York City Schools Exam For One Of These Specialized Schools, Begin Preparing Him Or Her In The Early Grades, Ensuring That Math, Reading And Science Are Learning Priorities. Then, The Child Should Take A Test Prep Course, Such As The Kaplan, Before Taking The Exam, As Well As Checking Out Test Review Books From The New York City Schools. Thousands Of Students Take The Exam Each Year, But There Are Only A Few Spots Open At Each Of The Schools.

In Order To Take The New York City Schools Exam, Your Child Needs A Permission Slip From A Guidance Counselor Or Have The Childs Current School Administration Register Him Or Her At The Special Test Centers In Either Manhattan Or Queens.

Each Specialized School Has Its Own Score Requirements. Stuyvesant Has The Highest Score Requirements And Is The Hardest To Gain Acceptance, Followed By Bronx Science And Then Brooklyn Technical.

All Three New York City Schools Want Only The Best And The Brightest Students; However, They Offer Much In Return Academically And Socially, Including A Wide Range Of Sports Teams, Such As Basketball, Soccer, Fencing, Tennis And More. All Facilities For These New York City Schools Are The Best, Receiving A Lot Of Private Funding. The Workload For Students Is Very Demanding With Heavy Homework Given Every Night. Students Are Expected To Arrive Early And Leave Late.

A Fourth Top Academic School Is Townsend Harris, Located On The Queens College Campus. Townsend Is Very Challenging Academically With No Required Entrance Exam. School Officials Factor Your Childs Grade Point Average (must Be At Least 95 Or Above) With A Required Writing Sample Submitted By The Child. Once Accepted, Your Child Can Expect Long School Hours And Rigorous Coursework.

Any New York City Schools Student Is Eligible For These Four Top Academic Schools, But One Other Such School Exists With Restricted Eligibility Staten Island Tech. Students Already In A New York City Schools On Staten Island Are Eligible To Attend. Though The School Does Not Carry The Same Prestige As The Other Schools, It Is Still A Very Excellent Academic School And Acceptance Is Difficult.

Staten Island Tech Focuses On Mathematics And Science, As Well As Architecture And Drawing. Class Sizes Are Smaller Than In Other New York City Schools, And Most Students Already Know Each Other, Having Come From The Same Neighborhoods.

A Great Career Path In Bioengineering

Want To Impact Humanity And Protect Its Health? Improve Quality Of Life? Being A Bio-medical Engineer Is A Great Opportunity To Reach This Goal. According To The Us Department Of Labor, Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Employment Of Biomedical Engineers Is Expected To Increase Faster Than The Average For All Occupations Through 2012. Hence, If You Are Considering Your Career In Bioengineering Field, You Definitely Are In The Right Career Path.

Bioengineering (also Called Biomedical Engineering) Combines Engineering Expertise With Medical Needs For The Enhancement Of Health Care. Those Working Within The Bioengineering Field Are Working With Living System And Apply Advanced Technology To The Complex Problems Of Medical Care. In General, Biomedical Engineers Create Everything From Wheel Chairs To Artificial Hearts To Contact Lenses.

job Functions

Being A Biomedical Engineer, You May Be Called Upon To Design Medical Instruments And Devices Such As Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri), The Heart Pacemaker, Kidney Dialysis And The Heart-lung Machine. In Additional, You May Need To Carry Out Researches To Acquire New Knowledge Needed To Solve New Medical Problems. Bioengineering Field Covers A Wide Specialty Areas, Among The Well Know Specialty Areas Include Bioinstrumentation, Biomedical, Biomechanics, Clinical Engineering, Rehabilitation Engineering. You Can Set Your Career Path To Any Of These Specialties In Bioengineering.

Doctors, Nurses And Physicians Are Among Your Working Partners If You Work As A Biomedical Engineer In Hospitals Or Any Medical Service Centers. You Need To Work Closely With Them As A Team To Solve A Wide Range Of Challenges. If You Work In Laboratory At Industry Or Any Research Center, You Will Work Along With Life Scientists, Chemists, And Medical Scientists, To Develop And Evaluate Systems And Products For Use In The Fields Of Biology And Health, Such As Artificial Organs Instrumentation, Medical Information Systems, And Health Management And Care Delivery Systems.

education Requirements

The Biomedical Engineering Student Should First Plan To Become A Good Engineer Who Then Acquires A Working Understanding Of The Life Sciences And Terminology. In College, Prospective Biomedical Engineers Usually Select Engineering As A Field Of Study, And Then Choose A Discipline Concentration Within Engineering. Some Students Will Major In Biomedical Engineering, While Others May Major In Chemical, Electrical, Or Mechanical Engineering With A Specialty In Biomedical Engineering.


Biomedical Engineers Are Employed In Industry Primarily In The Pharmaceutical And Medicine Manufacturing And Medical Instruments And Supplies Industries, In Hospitals As Clinical Engineer, In Research Facilities Of Educational And Medical Institutions, In Teaching, And In Government Regulatory Agencies.


Median Annual Earnings Of Biomedical Engineers With A Bachelor's Degree Were $48,503 In 2004; Those With A Master's Degree Earned $59, 667. The Middle 50 Percent Earned Around $70, 500. The Lowest 10 Percent Earned Less Than $41,260 And The Highest 10 Percent Earned More Than $107,530.

in Summary

Employment Of Biomedical Engineer Is Expected To Boom In Next 5 Years In Line With The Demand For More Sophisticated Medical Equipment. The Increase Concerns On Cost Efficiency And Effectiveness Will Also Boost Demand For Biomedical Engineers. Hence, Bioengineering Is A Great Career Path For You If You Interest In This Field.

Online Degrees Increasingly More Acceptable

The Success Of Online Education Has Grown Significantly And Receiving A Degree Via The Internet Has Becoming Increasingly More Acceptable. Once An Idea That Was Regarded As Highly Unusual Has Come To The Forefront Of Education. Most Major Colleges Have An Established Online Program In Place That Is Easily Accessible And Carries A Variety Of Accredited Degrees. According To Last Year’s Sloan Survey Of Online Learning There Was A 22.9% Overall Increase In The Number Of Students Taking One Or More Online Courses, Growing From 1.60 To 1.98 Million Students. The Overall Percent Of Schools Identifying Online Education As A Critical Long-term Strategy Grew From 49% In 2003 To 56% In 2005.

This Shift From Teacher-centered Learning To Student-centered Learning Has Provided A World Of Educational Opportunities. Adult Students Can Now Enroll In A Learning Center That Once Was Too Far Or Whose Schedules Did Not Allow For On-site Schooling. The Current Online Technology Can Provide An Effective, Personalized Education For Non-traditional Students Around The World. Online Courses Offer The Opportunity To Customize The Learning Experience To Best Meet Personal And Educational Needs In The Most Flexible Way Possible. A Person Can Change Their Life With The Benefits Of Online Learning.

Although The Rewards Are Easily Recognizable There Are Some Aspects That Should Be Explored. The Online Student In Many Cases Is Coach, Teacher And Pupil At The Same Time. The Student Must Be Self-motivated, Disciplined And Able To Multi-task Every Day Life, Family And Work Responsibilities With Coursework, Homework And Exams.

Common Sense Must Be Applied Before Joining Any Online Degree Program. The Council Of Higher Education Accreditation Warns About Diploma- And Accreditation Mills That Offer Certificates And Degrees That Are Considered Completely Bogus. Contact The Organization To Find Out What Is Really Legitimate And Confirm The Quality Of The Online Training Courses. Those Institutions Who Went Through The Process And Are Approved Will Always Have Their Program’s Accreditation Status Visibly Posted On Their Web Site And Online Course Catalogs.

Learn English Laughing

Humor And Learning

Humor Is Important In Learning A Language. Not Only Does It Enable The Student To Learn New Vocabulary In Context But It Also Is A Motivating Force. When A Student Understands A Joke She Begins To Feel Like She Is In The World Of The New Language. Puns Are Especially Valuable Because They Stress Meaning. We’ll Give A Few Jokes And Puns As Examples And Hoope That They Will Move Other Teachers To Use This Powerful Resource.


Laughing? Well, Maybe Not. Puns Usually Make People Groan. They Say That For A Pun To Be Good, It Has To Be Really Bad. As A Matter Of Fact, They Are Called “groaners”. A Pun Is A Little Word Game, Playing With Language. Most Puns Use A Word That Has Two Meanings, Or Use Two Words That Sound Almost The Same.

Here Are Some Puns. Use Your Knowledge Of English, And Your Dictionary If Necessary, To Explain The Pun.

Example: Why Is An Empty Purse Always The Same? Because There Is Never Any Change In It. In This Pun, The Word “change” Has Two Meanings: 1. Coins And Small Bills, 2. Alteration.

1. Do You Know Why Its Easy For A Hunter To Find A Leopard? Because A Leopard Is Always Spotted.

“to Spot”, Verb: To See, To Identify. “spotted”, Adjective: With Spots.

2. When Gambling Became Legal In The City, Everyone Agreed That The City Was Now A Bettor Place.

What We Hear Could Be Either Of Two Words That Sound The Same: “better”, Adjective, “an Improvement”, Therefore “an Improved Place”. “bettor”, Noun, “gambler”, “someone Who Bets”, Therefore Entonces “a Place For Gamblers”.

3. The Principal Called The Young Cross-eyed Teacher Into His Office. “im Sorry To Say, Ms. Jones, Were Going To Have To Let You Go.” “but Why, Sir? I Thought I Was Doing A Good Job.” “its Simple,” Said The Principal, “you Cant Control Your Pupils.”.

Of Course, The Word “pupil” Could Refer To A Student Or To The Middle Of The Iris Of The Eye..

4. My Friend Sam Had Decided His Kitchen Needed Painting, And Instead Of Hiring A Professional, He Decided To Do It Himself. In The Afternoon, I Went Over To His House To See If He Needed Some Help. When I Arrived, I Found Sam Working Hard Painting The Kitchen Walls. But Instead Of Wearing Old Clothes, He Was Wearing A Leather Jacket And A Ski Parka. I Asked Him Why He Was Dressed That Way On Such A Hot Day. He Brought Me The Paint Bucket And Told Me To Read The Instructions. I Did. It Said, “for Best Results, Put On Two Coats.”

The Pun Is The Word “coat” Either Another Layer Or Paint Or An Article Of Clothing.

5. The Previous Pun About The Extra “coat” Reminds Me Of The Dog That Has A Fur Coat And Pants.

Ok, The Dog Has A Fur Coat But It Doesn’t Have Fur Trousers. In This Case “pants” O The Way Dogs Breathe Rapidly And Noisily.

Those Were Puns. Now For A Few Jokes.

Three Police Jokes

First Joke:
A Police Officer Stops A Woman For Speeding And Asks Her Very Nicely If He Could See Her License.

She Replies In A Huff, “i Wish You Guys Would Get Your Act Together. Just Yesterday You Take Away My License And Then Today You Expect Me To Show It To You!”

Vocabulary And Expresssions:

“in A Huff”: Annoyed

“get Your Act Together”: Get Organized

Second Joke: While Driving Along The Back Roads Of A Small Town, Two Truckers Came To An Overpass With A Sign That Read Clearance 11’3″.

They Got Out And Measured Their Rig, Which Was 12’4″.

“what Do You Think?” One Asked The Other.

The Driver Looked Around Carefully, Then Shifted Into First. “not A Cop In Sight. Let’s Take A Chance!”

Vocabulary And Expresssions:

“overpass”: Viaduct

“rig”: Here Truck. Any Specialized Tool Or Mechanical Arrangement.

“clearance”: Room To Pass, Or “clear”. “clearance” Is The Noun Of The Verb “to Clear” Which Means (among Other Meanings) De: “go Through Without Touching”

11′ 3″ Is The Abbreviation Of 11 Feet 3 Inches;

12′ 4″ Is The Abbreviation Of 12 Feet 4 Inches.

Third Joke:

Recently, A Distraught Wife Went To The Local Police Station, Along With Her Next-door Neighbor, To Report That Her Husband Was Missing. The Policeman Asked For A Description Of The Missing Man.

The Wife Said, “he Is 35 Years Old, 6 Foot 2, Has Dark Eyes, Dark Wavy Hair, An Athletic Build, Weighs 185 Pounds, Is Soft-spoken, And Is Good To The Children.”

The Next-door Neighbor Protested, “your Husband Is 54 Years Old, 5 Foot 6, Chubby, Weighs 275 Pounds, Is Bald, Has A Big Mouth, And Is Mean To Your Children.”

The Wife Replied, “yes, But Who Wants Him Back?”

Vocabulary And Expresssions:

Hubby: Popularform Of “husband”, Spouse

Distraught: Stressed, Very Worried.

Chubby: Slightly Fat

Mean: In This Context, Strict, Severe, Even A Little Cruel

Bald: No Hair

Next-door Neighbor: The Person Who Lives In The House To One Side Of Yours

6 Foot 4: Six Feet And 4 Inches

How To Keep On Learning By Laughing?

You Can Enter “esl Puns” Or “esl Joke” In Google To Find Many Sites That Share Our Belief That Puns And Jokes Are Good Ways To Help Learners Of English.

Home Schooling Your Children On The Internet

Do You Have Children In School – Or Are You Planning For It Soon?

Have You Asked Yourself If Public Schools Are Really Doing All They Can To Improve Your Child And Educate Him Or Her For The Real World?

Do You Try To Stifle Desires To Send Them To Private Schools Because Of The Cost Or The Perceived ‘elitist’ Mentality?

Have You Ever Had A Day Arrive When Your Child Comes Home Worn Out, Agitated And Frustrated And Thought To Yourself “i’d Love To Keep My Child Home And Teach Him Myself – If Only I Had The Time.”

Now, Maybe You Can. Here Are Some Of The Options.

Private Schools Cost Money

Yes, Private Schools Are Sought By The Wealthiest And Most Privileged Of Society. Although Some Would Likely Debate The Benefits Of Private Schooling Over Public Schooling Most Parents Probably Have Considered The Option And Would Jump At The Opportunity To Give Private Schooling To Their Children If It Appeared.

Unfortunately, For Most Families, Private Schooling Is Simply Not A Reality. At A Cost Of $7000 And Upwards, The Ability To Afford Such Education Is Beyond Their Means. Religious Affiliated Schools Are Less Expensive, But Still Not An Option For Many Families With A Of Cost Several Thousands Per Year.

Home Schooling Takes Parents Time

Traditional Home Schooling Where The Parent Is The Supervisor Of The Child’s Work Is Another Option. With Fantastic Resources And Helpful Teachers To Assist, It Has Been A Form Of Education That Can Be The Answer To Parents Who Want The One-on-one Education That Public Schools Cannot Provide.

Home Schooling Has Been The Basis Of Society For Thousands Of Years – Long Before Schools Came About. However, In Today’s Society It Can Be Difficult For Parent’s To Maintain The Supervision Of Assignments That Is Needed For Home Schooling. This May Become Even More Of An Issue As A Child Gets Into The Higher Grades And Parents Are Unfamiliar With The Curriculum Or Are Working And Do Not Have As Much Time To Assist Them.

Internet Home Schooling

A New Addition To Education, The Internet Is Now Providing The Ability For Parents To Give Their Child An Enhanced Curriculum, Control Over Education, And Online Support. This Will All Cost Much Less Than Private School At An Average Cost Of $900 Per Year.

Older Children Can Benefit From Online Teachers Who Are Able To Supervise The Work – A Huge Benefit For Working Or Single Parents. Many Accredited Internet Schools Offer Similar Courses To Those Available In Private Schools.

Joel Turtel, Who Is The Author Of “public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents And Betray Our Children,” Says That Busy Working Parents Can Give Their Kids A Quality, Low-cost Education At Home Using The Internet. k-12th Grade Internet Schools Can Take Most Of The Homeschooling Burden Off Parent’s Backs.

Perhaps This Is The Answer You’ve Been Looking For.

Not Being Able To Juggle In A Third

Ready To Add A Third Factor Into The Equation? Concentrate On Throwing Ball Number #3 And Do Not Even Try To Catch Ball #2, Advises The Instant Jugglers’ Manual. Or Once You Have Two Areas Of Focus Pretty Much Underway, Say Your Career And Family, Add The Third Education.

Get Help Planning Your Education Into The Mix With Resources. Head To Your Local Educational Center Or Public Libraries For Help. Dont Get Left Dropping Or Not Juggling The Ball!

Reason For Speed Reading

In The Last Few Weeks I Have Been Talking About How Beneficial It Can Be To Learn Speed Reading, That In This World A Faster Reader Will Have More Time To Put Into His Work And Studies And That Fast Readers Have An Advantage Because They Can Cover A Lot Of Informational Reading Material While Others Struggle To Read A Sentence Here And There.

While I Strongly Believe That Speed Reading Is The Key To Most Of The Professional Needs Of Any Industry Today, The Real Question For The Individual Who Is Seeking A Faster Reading Rhythm Is Why. Why Would Someone Want To Increase His Or Hers Reading Speed And For What Purpose, It Is Not Clear That Everyone Needs To Read Fast Or Faster Than What They Used To, It All Depends On What Kind Of Work You Do, And What You Feel About Your Reading Abilities.

I Am Surprised At Some Of The People Who Want To Learn Speed Reading And Their Motivation For Doing So, Some Of Them Just Want To Get Better, While This Is A Noble Idea The Question Still Reminds, Do You Need To Read Faster, How Fast Do You Read Today, In Fact It Is Not Difficult To Time Yourself A Couple Of Times And See Exactly How Fast You Are Going, If You Feel That You Are Way Below The Average Its Still Not A Good Enough Reason To Go To A Speed Reading Course.

Reading Is Great, It Is One Of The Most, If Not The Most, Amazing Achievements Of Humanity, We Can Read The Thoughts Of People Who Are Long Gone, That If It Was Not Put Into Books We Would Have Never Had The Chance To Access Their Most Deepest And Intimate Thoughts And Ideas. Reading Is Also Great Because It Fuels The Imaginations, And Sparks Emotions In Many Readers, Inspiring Them To Make Real Changes In Their Lives.

When You Speed Read You Are Reading For Efficiency, For Work Or For A Selected Task, And This Is Why I Dont Think Its A Good Idea To Speed Read Everything That You See. So With That In Mind Think This Over, If You Feel That Your Reading Skills Are Low And That You Are Really Suffering From A Low Reading Rate, You Should First Try And Research The Basics Of Speed Reading, Do That Over The Internet In A Site Like There Are Many Sources For This, You Can Also Try And Do This By Yourself, Timing Your Reading As You Go, Finding Your Average And Completing Questions To Find Out Your Reading Comprehension Skills.

If You Are A Student Of Any Sort, Just Started A New Work That Demands You Read A Lot And Learn New Ideas And Concepts Rapidly, Or Have A Particular Task That Requires You To Read A Large Number Of Books In A Limited Frame Of Time, You Should Defiantly Try And Find Out What Does A Speed Reading Course Or Book, Give You, And Try To Research As Many Web Sites To Offer Help And Tips Regarding Speed Reading.

Why Should You Get An Online College Diploma?

The Rise Of The Internet Has Brought About A Wealth Of Resources And Information For People All Over The Globe. Now, Many People Are Even Turning To The Web To Get A College Education, Receiving Online Diplomas Entirely Via Distance Education. Acquiring An Online College Diploma Is Fast Becoming A Popular Way Of Furthering Educational Goals, And Many Mba Degrees Can Be Obtained Entirely Online. Whats More, There Are Many Benefits To Obtaining Your Degree Online Versus Attending A Traditional Classroom Setting. Whatever Your Reasons For Attending An Online Institution, Theres No Denying That Its Becoming A Popular Alternative To Traditional Education.

For Students, Its Very Hard To Juggle A Job With School And Family Life. Thats What Makes An Online Education So Attractive. Students Have The Ability To Fit Their Coursework Into A Schedule That Works For Them, While Still Holding Down A Full Time Job And Taking Care Of Responsibilities At Home. Getting An Online College Diploma Offers Students A Chance To Obtain A College Education Without Shirking Their Other Duties. This Works Especially Well For Older Students Who Didnt Go To College Right Out Of High School And Instead Chose To Pursue A Career. Whether You Work Best At Two In The Afternoon Or Two In The Morning, Online Diplomas Offer The Convenience And Flexibility You Need In Your Busy Life.

For Other Students, The Idea Of Sitting In A Classroom Is Not Very Appealing. Many Potential Students Desire To Obtain A Degree, But Are Turned Off By The Thought Of Having To Work At The Pace Of Others. By Choosing To Obtain A Degree Online, You Have The Ability To Work At Your Own Pace. Whether You Want To Focus And Complete Your Coursework Ahead Of Schedule, Or Feel That You Will Need Extra Time During Certain Portions Of The Class To Truly Master Some Of The More Difficult Concepts, An Online Degree Provides You With The Flexibility And Options Your Desire.

Additionally, With Online Diplomas You Are Still Receiving The Same Level Of Education You Would In A Traditional Classroom. Oftentimes, The Scope Of Your Degree Program Even Allows You To Learn More Information Than You Would In A Classroom. Because Students Are Not Limited By Geography, You Also Open Up Wider Connections To Network And Are Able To Obtain Assistance And Support From Your Teachers And Classmates Via Internet Chat Rooms, Forums And Of Course E-mail. These Methods Of Communication Allow For Quick Feedback, And You Cant Beat The Convenience.

If Youre Interested In Getting An Online College Diploma, You Dont Have To Worry About The Level Of Respect Youll Receive From Other Colleges Or Employers. In Most Cases, Online Diplomas Are Still Well Respected In The Workforce, And As Long As They Are Properly Accredited You Will Have No Trouble Furthering Your Education At Other Colleges Or Universities, Whether Online Or Off. So, Not Only Do You Reap The Benefits Online University Diplomas Offer In Terms Of Convenience And Networking Opportunities, But Will Still Receive The Same Level Of Respect You Would If Your Degree Came From A Traditional Brick And Mortar Facility.

Receiving An Online College Diploma Can Help You Achieve Your Educational Goals In A Convenient Manner, And Allow You To Juggle Multiple Responsibilities Much More Effectively Than A Traditional Classroom Setting Would Allow. The Benefits To Receiving Online Diplomas Are Endless, And Students Everywhere Are Turning To The Internet To Further Their Education. While Traditional Learning Institutions Will Never Be Abolished, The Internet Offers Multiple Opportunities To Succeed In Your Educational Goals, And Provides A Flexible Environment For You To Do So.

The Fascination With Astrology – How Good?

In The 1920’s, There Was A Big Sensation In The Us. Two Sisters Had Photographed Fairies Flying Around Flowers In Their Garden. It Was An Unbelievable Event. The Two Gave Interviews And Talked Stuff. It Was After More Than Sixty Years That One Sister Revealed The Whole Thing Was A Hoax. The Fairies Were Made Of Paper. Nonetheless They Captured Public Imagination. It Was Something Different And Unbelievable, But Was Revealed A Hoax Later. But Thousands Of Paranormal And Supernatural Things Remain The Way They Are- Uncanny And Unimaginable. No One Has Explanations. All The Same, People Love To Know More And Indulge In These Pursuits.

Very Often We Have Astrologers Predicting Events. Most People Love The Opportunity To Get One’s Palm Read By An Astrologer. Believe The Stuff Or Scoff At It. But The Whole Idea Is Fascinating To Humans. Many People Read The Headlines Of A Newspaper Later, But Read Their Horoscope First. Astrologers And Fortune Tellers May Talk In Deceptive And Ambiguous Terms. Knowing The Same, People Flock To Them.

Science And Scientists Try A Lot. They Never Come Up With Satisfying Explanations To Paranormal And Psychic Stuff. Human Beings Are A Curious Lot. Issues With Explanations Satisfy Them. But Things With No Explanations Fascinate Them. Take This One. Former Us Presidents Abraham Lincoln And John F Kennedy – Kennedy’s Life Was Very Nearly A Copy Of Lincoln’s. Both Became Presidents After Similar Victories. Held Office For Nearly Same Number Of Days. Both Were Assassinated Outside A Theater Near Their Car. The Name Of The Killer Was The Same In Both Cases. These Two Incidents Happened More Than Eighty Years Apart. Science Does Not Have Any Explanation To This. People Are Intrigued By Such Happenings.

Human Minds Are Adventurous. Always In Search Of Thrills. No Wonder, Why Horror Movies Are So Popular. Everyone Knows It’s All Make Believe. People Still Get White With Fear Inside Cinemas And Dream Of Ghosts For Next Few Days. Calling Spirits Of Dead People Has Become An Industry In Britain. You Have Gypsy Ladies Peering In A Psychic Glass Ball And Calling Spirits Of The Dead People You Want To Get In Contact With. Forget The Common Man, British Aristocracy Has Been Known To Visit Them More Than Anyone Else.

Science-fiction -a Word That Sums Up The Topic. All The Science-fiction Novels, Movies Is Make-believe. Nothing Is Real But Every Thing’s In A Proper Scientific Way. Giant Spaceships, Alien Landings, Ufos Kidnapping People All Happen In Science Fiction. Actually There’s A Group Of People In Us Who Claim To Have Been Kidnapped By Ufos. They Believe, They Have Had Extra-terrestrial Contact. What’s True, What’s Not Only Time Will Tell. Now If There Were A Time Machine To Travel In The Future Like In The Movies…

Rethinking High School

How We Educate High School Students In The U.s. Needs To Change. Our High Schools Are No Longer Relevant To The Needs Of 21st Century Learners And The System Must Be Restructured. This Restructuring Will Allow Students To Choose From A Variety Of New Study Options. The Days Of “one Size Fits All” For Secondary Education Services Are Coming To A Close – It Is Now About Providing Students With A “customized” Course Of Study In Their Pursuit Of A High School Diploma. Students Should Have A Choice Among The Traditional High School Model, A Community High-school Model (a Hybrid Between Traditional And Online Instruction), And An Early-college Model That Will Allow Students To Graduate With Both A High School Diploma And An Associate’s Degree By Taking A Fifth Year Of High School.

Central To All Three High School Study Options, Or Combination Of Options, Is An Intensive Focus On Making Each Learner’s Secondary School Experience A Successful One (particularly At The Freshman Level), And Offering Ubiquitous Student Access To The Internet Both In School And At Home (using A Variety Of Mobile Computing Devices). A Synopsis Of Each Program Option Required In A Restructured High School Include:

Freshman Academy

Research Has Shown That The Transition Between Middle And High School Is One Of The Most Difficult Developmental Challenges A Person Faces In Life. Students Who Are Not Successful In 9th Grade Are Six Times More Likely To Drop Out Before Completing High School Compared To Their Peers. The Reasons For Such A High Failure Rate Include A Variety Of Student Factors Upon Entering High School:

– Physically And Emotionally Changing; – Different Setting With Different Expectations And Experiences; – Moving From A School Environment Designed To Nurture Children To One That Is Designed To Produce Independent Young Adults; – Academics Are More Challenging; – Young Teenagers Are Immersed With Older Teens.

A Freshman Academy Helps To Ameliorate These Potential Problems And Issues By Creating A “school Within A School” Environment As Part Of The Larger High School Student Population. This Is Done By Clustering 9th Grade Teaching Teams And Classrooms Together, And Utilizing Group Of Upper Classmen That Will Provide Peer Support. The Program Ensures That Teachers Have Adequate Student-focused Common Planning Time And Engage In Cross-curricular Instruction. Parent Involvement And Peer Mentoring Are Also Key Components Of The Academy.

Bring Your Own Device (byod)

Technology Plays A Large Role In Our Students’ Lives Today. Personal Devices Can Enhance And Enrich Learning Opportunities Both At Home And At School. High Schools Today Must Be Committed To Allowing Responsible, Learning-centered Use Of Personal Devices At School So As To Provide As Many Pathways To Understanding And Learning As Possible For Students.

Access To Robust Wireless Networks Is Vital To Student Success These Days Using A Variety Of Mobile Computing Devices. These Devices Can Be Either School-provided Or Personal Laptops, Tablets, Or Smart Phone; However Access To The Internet Must Be Filtered To Be In Compliance With The Children’s Internet Protection Act (cipa). Access From A Personal Device Should Be Primarily For Internet Use, But Students Can Be Given Access To Their Own Email Account And Document Folder On The School’s Network Server.

For Purposes Of Allowing Students Ubiquitous Access To The Internet For Instructional Purposes, “technology” Means A Privately-owned Wireless And/or Portable Electronic Hand-held Equipment That Includes, But Is Not Limited To: Existing And Emerging Mobile Communication Systems And Smart Technologies, Portable Internet Devices, Hand-held Entertainment Systems Or Portable Information Technology Systems That Can Be Used For Word Processing, Wireless Internet Access, Image Capture/recording, Sound Recording, And Information Transmitting / Receiving/storing.

Hybrid Community High School

The Creation Of A Hybrid Community High School, In Addition To Traditional High, Merges Traditional And Online Learning Into One Customizable Secondary Education Program. This Hybrid Is Particularly Attractive To Students Who Do Not Do Well In The Traditional High School Setting, Such Students At-risk Of Academic Failure, Gifted Students, Or Students Who Are Just Plain Bored And Need Something Different. This Merger Results In One, United Flexible-program High School For “non-traditional” High School Students Who, For One Reason Or Another, Would Prefer To Complete Many Of Their Required Credits Online Instead Of In The Classroom.

Every Student Attending The Hybrid Program Receives A Graduation Plan During Their Enrollment Period That Best Meets Their Individual Needs. To Ensure That Students Have The Best Opportunity For Success With A Program Of This Sort, A Mandatory Three-week (15 Day) Orientation Is Required Of All New Students Designed To Prepare Them For Independent Online Work Using An Online Curriculum (such As E2020), While The Faculty Assesses Each Student’s Strengths And Weaknesses.

In My School District, Students Are Required To Complete A Series Of In-classroom Courses That Include: Career Cruising, Effective Note-taking & Study Skills, And Strategies For Academic Success Before Being Placed In One Of Three Tiers That Allow For Independent Work Online Anywhere, Any Place, And At Any Time. Each Tier Is Designed To Offer A Customized Blend Of In-school Support With A Student-centered Approach To Providing Educational Services Online On The Student’s Terms, Not The Staff’s Terms. Students Are Assigned To An Instructional Track Based On In-class Performance, Online Attendance And Activity, Grades, And Level Of Self-motivation After They Complete Orientation.

Students Are Reevaluated At The End Of Every Session, At Which Time They May Be Assigned To A New Instructional Tier Based On The Above Criteria. Tier 1 Students Are Required To Attend Class Five Days Per Week, Receiving The Most In-class Support And Supervision. Tier 2 Students Receive In-school Instruction 2 To 4 Days Per Week. Tier 3 Students Need Only Attend School One Day Per Week. In All Three Tiers, Students Are Able To Work An Unlimited Number Of Hours At Home And Have Access To E2020 Courses 24 Hours Per Day. All Students Have Access To Teacher Support Via Email Or Phone. Additionally, Students In The Hybrid Community High School Program Must Have Access To The Regular High School Program And Allowed To Take Courses There And Participate In The Full Range Of Extracurricular Programs Alongside Their Traditional High-school Peers.

Early College Program

It Is Widely Accepted That A Majority Of Today’s Jobs, Eight Or Nine Of Every 10, Require Education Beyond A High-school Diploma. It Is Also Known From U.s. Census Data That Most Adults In The U.s. Have Not Yet Completed A Two Or Four Year Degree. Although Nearly 70% Of High-school Graduates Start Some College Classes, Only About 20% Actually Complete A Degree. One Significant Problem Today Is That Many Students Find That Completing A College Degree Is Difficult Because Of The Many Conflicting Financial And Time Commitment Priorities They Face In Today’s Economy. A Successful Pathway To A College Degree Now Requires A Coordinated Collaboration Among High School, College, Family, And Community Partners.

In My School District In Michigan, We Have Developed An Early College Program For A Cohort Of 50 Committed Students Who Agree To A Rigorous Academic Program Beginning In The 11th Grade And Continuing In A Dual-enrollment Program With A Local Community College Through A 13th Year In Order To Obtain Both A High School Diploma And An Associate’s Degree. The Program Also Provides An Occupational Track For Students Who Wish To Pursue A One Year Certificate Or Associates Degree In A Skill Based Area Of Technology, Health, Or Business.

The Cost Of Tuition For Obtaining The Associate’s Degree Is Paid By The School District, Which Utilizes It’s Per Pupil State Aid Payments To Fully Fund The Program. There Are Very Little Out-of-pocket Costs To The Students. The Savings On Two Full Years Of College Tuition Alone Is Estimated To Range From $8,000 To $50,000 And Beyond. The Early College Program Also Reduces The Amount Of Actual Time It Will Take A Student To Complete A Degree By One Year, Which Could Provide One Extra Year Of Potential Income In Their Lifetime. This Earning Opportunity Value Could Range Anywhere From $25,000 To $80,000 Or More, Depending On The Student’s Degree. Although Textbook Expenses Are Covered, Some Personal Transportation Costs Will Be The Obligation Of The Student; Although Bus Service Between Our High School And The Community College Is Provided Free Of Charge.

Early College Students Are Enrolled In Both High School And College For Grades 11, 12, And 13. These Students Will Complete A Traditional Six-year College Education (four Years Of High School And Two Years Of Community College) In Only Five Years, Thereby Accelerating Their Baccalaureate And/or Graduate Degrees.

Students With The Associate’s Degree Are Eligible Transfer To Most Colleges And Universities Throughout The Country. Because The First Two Years Of Tuition Will Be Paid For By The School District, The Student Eligibility For Sports Scholarships, Academic Scholarships, And/or Pell Grants Will Be Extended To The Year Following The 13th Year. Students Do Not Lose Eligibility For Opportunities For College Scholarships Or Federal Financial Aid Because Of Their Participation In Our Early College Program.

Students Who May Not Wish To Pursue A Bachelor’s Degree Program Are Eligible To Enter Into A Career Program That Provides Employable Skills While Earning Credits Toward An Associate’s Degree Or Completion Of A Certificate In The Field Of Technology, Computer Occupations, Nursing, And Health/medical Areas. Those Obtaining An Associate’s Degree In Any The Community College’s Technical/career Program Are Eligible To Transfer To Universities Or Colleges That Have Approved Bachelor Degree Agreements With The Community College For Their Specific Area Of Study.

Through A Unique Partnership, Counselors From Both Our High School And The Community College Provide Services To Early College Students That Support Them Throughout High School And Their 13th Year.


By Rethinking How High School Instruction Is Delivered, American Secondary Education Can Begin Offering A Truly Customizable To Its Students. In So Doing, We Can Produce High School And Associate’s Degree Graduates With A Comprehensive Set Of Critical Thinking And Tech-savvy Skills That Will Serve Our Country Well As These Students Compete For The New Jobs In Our Global Economy.

Playing & Winning The Financial Aid Game

Ok, You Don’t Have A 4.0 Gpa, You’re Not The Senior Class President, You Can’t Throw A Football Fifty Yards, And Your Sat Scores Aren’t Generating Letters Or Phone Calls From Harvard, Yale Or Princeton. So, You’ll Never Qualify For A College Scholarship, Right?

Not Necessarily! There Are Lots Of Scholarships, And Other Kinds Of Financial Aid For Which You Might Qualify. Some Colleges May Offer You Academic Grants With A Gpa Of 3.0 And Sat Scores Of 1000. Ashland University Offers Scholarships To Twins. Many Church Affiliated Colleges Offer Grants To Students Who Are Members Of Their Religious Denomination. And That’s Just The Beginning.

If You Are The Son Or Daughter Of A Military Veteran, If Either Of Your Parents Work For A Major Corporation, If Your Mother Or Father Is A Member Of A Fraternal Or Civic Organization, Or If You Are Preparing For A Career In A Particular Profession, There May Be Substantial Scholarships For Which You Can Apply, Even If You’re Not A Top Student Or Student Leader.

Are You Good At Writing Essays? If You Are, Your Writing Skills May Be The Ticket To A Scholarship. There Is Even A Scholarship For Students Who Agree To Abstain From Using Tobacco And Alcohol While In College.

You May Even Qualify For A Scholarship Because Of Where You Live, Your Last Name, Your Ethnic Heritage Or Race, Or A Disease Or Handicapping Condition You May Have. Get The Idea Yet? There Are All Kinds Of Scholarships, Grants, And Financial Aid Programs Out There. Some Require Economic Need Or Have Other Restrictions, Others Do Not.

You Can Search Through Hundreds Of Thousands Of Possible Scholarships (free!) In More Than Twenty Different Data Bases. While You’re There, You Can Sign Up For A Free Email Newsletter With Articles On College Admission, Scholarship And Financial Aid Programs, College Survival Tips, And Income Opportunities For College Students. At Another Site Youll Find Scholarships Given By Individual College To All Enrolled Students Meeting The Listed Criteria. Student-athletes May Visit One Good Site To Find The Information Needed To Secure An Athletic Scholarship (or An Opportunity To Compete In A Division Iii Or Other Non-scholarship Program).

Don’t Forget Your School Counselor, As He Or She Can Be A Great Source Of Information About Local Scholarship Sources. In Fact, Most High School Guidance Offices Maintain A List Of Locally Based Scholarships. Parents And Students Would Be Well Advised To Explore The Range Of Scholarships For Which They May Qualify As Early As The Ninth Or Tenth Grade So They Can Plan To Meet The Requirements Of As Many As Possible.

You Should Be Aware That Many Private Colleges Offer Substantial Scholarships And Grants In Order To Be More Competitive With Lower Cost Public Institutions And/or Attract Students Who Might Otherwise Enroll Elsewhere. These Monies Are Often Offered To Students With Very Little Or No Demonstrated Financial Need. In Fact, Many Private Colleges Frequently “rebate” 30%-35% (or More) Of Their Tuition Revenue In The Form Of Institutional Financial Aid. When These Funds Are Factored In, Private Colleges May Ultimately Be Little Or No More Expensive For Some Students To Attend Than Public Colleges And Universities With Lower Published Fees.

If You Can Demonstrate Financial Need, As Established By Your Answers On The Fafsa Form At , You May Want To Apply To At Least A Few Colleges Which Meet 100% Of Demonstrated Financial Need And Do So With A Reasonable Proportion Of Gift Aid To Self-help Aid (loans And/or Work-study Funds). Take Note That Although Some Relatively Small Number Of Colleges Will Meet The Full Need Of All Enrolled Students, Many More Will Be Far More Likely To Meet Or Nearly Meet The Full Need Of Stronger Students.

To Position Yourself Well To Be A Competitive Candidate For Scholarships, Students Should Take The Most Challenging Classes Available, Work Diligently To Learn As Much As Possible (not Just To Get Grades), And Get Involved In Co-curricular, Community, Charitable And/or Public Service Activities. Heres A Good Rule Of Thumb For All Students; The More You Have To Offer The More You’re Likely To Be Offered.

Remember Three Words – Research, Research, And Research. The More Time You Spend Investigating Scholarship Opportunities, The More Likely You Are To Find Scholarships For Which You May Be Eligible.

Don’t Let Anyone Discourage You. There Are Lots Of People “out There,” Including Some Educators, Who Are Inadvertently Spreading Their Serious Misconceptions About Who May Qualify For Financial Aid And What Is Required To Do So. Most Important Of All, Do Not Fail To Investigate Or Apply To A College You Like Because You Think It Is Too Expensive. That Is One Of The Most Common And Worst Mistakes A Family Can Make. Remember, You Never Know What Kinds Of Scholarships And/or Financial Aid You Might Receive.

However, Just Like You Should Have “fall Back” Or “safety” Colleges In Case You Are Not Admitted To Your First Choice Institutions, You Should Choose And Apply To Colleges That Will Be Affordable If You Do Not Receive The Financial Assistance For Which You Hope.

Obvious As It May Be, I Feel Obligated To Remind You To Pay Attention To Details And Deadlines When Applying For Scholarships Because So Many Students Fail To Do So. I Could Hardly Believe It When An Independent Educational Counselor Who Probably Earns In The Neighborhood Of $1,000 For Helping A Student Identify And Gain Admission To Appropriate Colleges Asked (on An Email List Serve) How Many Words Above The Limit One Of Her Counsulees Could Go On His College Application Essay. Dont Make The Mistake That She Did By Assuming There Will Be No Penalty If You “come Close” To The Requirements Or Are “only A Few Days Beyond The Deadline”. If You Dont Pay Attention, Be Prepared To Pay For Your Mistakes. But, Do It Right And You Have A Great Chance Of Getting Some Scholarship And Or Financial Aid Help. Good Luck.